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Welcome to our website

With Broad Strokes…Taking the Community-Wide Approach

Together with our partners we apply Stanford’s Collective Impact Model (.pdf) to improve the health and safety for all residents in Marathon County. To create long lasting sustainable change, the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) suggests utilizing the “7 Strategies for Community Change (.pdf)“. When communities use this approach, the interventions are more well-rounded and complete. This is also an excellent way to create plans of action on how to reach long-term goals to impact a host of problems negatively affecting the community.

Avoiding the Shot Gun Effect…Using Proven Strategies

We follow nationally recognized evidence based prevention strategies to address alcohol and other drug misuse. One resource list of these strategies is the What Works for Health report released by UW-Population Health & UW-School of Medicine and Public Health. These strategies can be programs and/or policies, are are scientifically proven to work.
We also take advantage of the power in the passion that lies within our community and coalition members. CADCA’s most recent publication, “People Power: Mobilizing Communities for Policy Change (.pdf)” is a direct guide into tapping into this passion in building stronger communities.

Hitting the Ground Running…Addressing Priority Issues

There are a number of Risk and Protective Factors (.pdf) that may lead to alcohol and other drug misuse in the community. While there are a number of resources out there that explain the problem, the CDC Vital Signs series includes simple, easy to read handouts on a host of issues.

But We Can’t Do It Alone…Bringing Partners to the Table

The Marathon County AOD Partnership has seen itself grown from a handful of dedicated member to over 500 people receiving our regular Weekly Updates. One of our goals is to build the capacity of partners, community stakeholders, and policy makers through providing regular learning and volunteer opportunities. The Partnership is striving to be recognized throughout Marathon County as experts in substance abuse prevention, and is dedicated to be a reputable resource to anyone looking for more information.